sugar coast beach bash 2014

sugar coast beach bash 2014

punta bulata, cauayan, negros occidental

may 16 – 19, 2014


i went out straight from my event at route 196 for vibration exercise to the airport to fly out with 29 other talents from manila to bacolod to put up a show at punta bulata, a few hours away from bacolod itself. groggy from working the event and going to the airport early in the morning, i told myself, “it better be worth it.”


guess what, it was. we had some of manila’s most talented DJs and musicians in the fray and a dope set of people attending from nearby spots. it was a beautiful place and the people were amazing. much love for our bacoleño and negrense hosts who showed us a damn good time and took care of us all the way. much love for the organizers for bringing in such a great set of people to do the event.

let the photos speak for themselves.

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