711 chef creations at bale dutung




besides doing nightlife and events, i’m also a foodie. i got invited to take photos and try out the new food 7/11 rolled out last week. 7/11’s bringing in chef claude tayag to give that good filipino flavor in a premium package for people on the go. in three very special filipino dishes, chef claude managed to teach and change up the kitchen of the 7/11 commissary to cook up these dishes in the right way, cooked thrice, the meat seasoned right, and to top it off, in generous servings.

the pricing’s a little higher than their existing food selection, but these are made with top quality ingredients and proper cooking, and served in small batches to keep the food as fresh as possible in packaged form.


first on the menu was the pulled pork with adobo dip. chef claude twists it up by serving shredded pork instead of the usual beef cubes or chicken pieces, and makes the adobo dip a little less salty than the usual, so as to appeal to the wide filipino taste. this was actually my favourite of all the selections.


up next was the pork sinigang in kamias. once you open it, you’ll see the generous serving of pork and vegetables, with the soup steaming from the bowl. same as the adobo, the taste was very distinct but not too powerful so people may be able to appreciate it despite the dish’s different preparations from different provinces.


last on the list was the pakbet with bagnet. it was pretty surprising that they chose bagnet, since it’s not necessarily a national dish type of thing, but cooking it pakbet seemed like a pretty good idea. the pakbet was pretty tasty, the squash and sitaw were soft and easy to eat while salty enough to cater to that filipino savory taste.


after that, we had the lechon four ways (lechon baboy, lechon sisig, lechon tacos, lechon sinigang), with the kare kareng dagat, paraiso, coffee with carabao milk care of chef claude himself. i had hefty servings of each since all of the dishes were cooked to perfection. the dishes showcased bale dutung’s favourites and they did not disappoint. the two hour drive to pampanga was well damn worth it for all the food we had and having first dibs on the chef selections

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