bright young manila 2013


so, i’m part of this year’s Chalk Bright Young Manila candidates.

(surprisingly) (oh, and whoever nominated/suggested me, thank you!)

so, it’s supposedly a group of the youth’s best and brightest in their own fields. i’m honored to be thought of as such and i hope people do support.


i don’t really mind if i “win” or not, since i’ll still keep doing what i do and this is already an honor to be part of. if you think i/some of us deserve a vote from you, go ahead and do so, i will not be forcing anyone to do so since being the “Bright Young Manila” for me isn’t about winning a competition; it’s about going through the daily grind, making the most of your experiences, inspiring people with what you do when most of these things go unnoticed. there are a lot of bright young kids out there and i’m just happy that some people think that i’m one of em.

being a w√ľnderkind does not entail titles, fame and exposure. it’d be nice but, you just keep doing what you do. if you inspire someone, cool. if not, it’s alright. you still go on and make things happen. no one who truly strives for excellence aims to do so for recognition. it’s about your personal experience in growing into an excellent person. you learn and you work because these are the things that matter to you. fame and recognition should take a back seat to your endeavor to become the best.


so, here’s my annoying photo to go with this entry, and please do vote if you feel like voting.

make the person/people who win this deserving of the title with their merits and effect on you rather than let it be a popularity contest. it ain’t a competition. as my life mentor/momma Sarah Meier told me once, “RUN YOUR OWN RACE.”


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