wip caps drop: headhunter series

Last year, during the Platform Show Round Two, I got a chance to speak with Mike Nakayama and Ian Sermonia about the drops they had in line for the next few months. They had some new designs on display just to tease the people even though they wanted to cop the new lines ASAP.

WIP_headhunter_group shot_small
A few of the things that caught my eye were the Koi ones (recently released) and the different colourways of this line called the HEADHUNTER Series.
HeadHunter05 BW_small_watermark
HeadHunter04 BW_small_watermark
This series is WIP Caps’ first collab with GAP of PEOPLE’s Future, a graphic and hiphop artist. Inspired by the filipino tribesmen of Benguet, traditions of the headhunters were translated through two years of tedious work into design.
The Headhunter series of caps will come in five very limited runs with just 125 pieces of each color.




The cap is a 6-Panel Snap Back, with a black dome, a graphic logo of a tribesman chief in monochrome 3D embroidery. Using different textures, fabrics and feathers, the logo’s design becomes very intricate. In reference to the older and iconic PAC-Q series, the shrunken skull heads on the side played around with the same principles while symbolizing the three members of the Manila based Hip-hop group, People’s Future. What really catches my eye is the native fabric with the woven pattern on the brim. There are five colorways: white & blue, maroon, yellow blue & black, hot pink yellow & purple, aqua & black and the classic maroon black & yellow.

WIP_headhunter_group shot_2_small

Dropping January 25, 2013 at Select WIP Caps Stockists. Definitely a must cop for the start of 2013. Hoping to get my hands on a few of these.


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