sinulog 2013: invasion at baseline x breakfast of the gods

this was insane. this was pandemonium. this was chaos. this was epic.

so, last year, i went to sinulog with a different group of people, had the time of my life, dubbed it as “the best weekend of my life” and went back to manila happy and hoping to come back the next year. by the time it was october/november, the excitement was brewing, especially since i was working with @MOTHERBASSS during their rehearsals, practices, jams and gigs. knowing that these guys Nix (@nixdamnp) and Macky (@hoytuska) know how to rock the stage in their own respective scenes, putting them together would be chaos. and guess, what? it was insane.

this year’s baseline was way more wild, more paint, more people, more alcohol, more passed out drunkards, more friends, more ***** and god knows what. it was just pandemonium in the crowd, on stage, in the streets, and everywhere you can think of. with an insane set of acts, and even more insane crowd, baseline was just pure #WALWALAN #YOLOhan #kagulerky.

thank you to the Rhipstop people (@kenonozawa, @kazonozawa) & Spectrum.PH for bringing all these things together and creating a rager like no other. thanks to El Hombre (@1CrazyHombre) Cliff Aw (@clifftails) for getting me up on there to take photos and giving everyone their fix of alcohol. this was definitely one for the books. or maybe it deserves its own book.

these photos aren’t even enough to show how much fun i had. but hey, checkit nonetheless.


(sidenote: our breakfast/lunch at casa verde was fucking insane. gotta get back there asap.)

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