nike air max og pack reservations

so after heading to fiamma fresh friday’s last night, went back to the condo and tried my luck in lining up for some air max love at sole academy at 4:30am since my bud jp murao was already there lined up since 12mn.

so, my bud jp was there since 12mn and he was already the 32nd on the list and we were both planning to get the AM90 Infrared ones and i got there at around 4:30 and was the 37th in line. after 5am, and 8am role calls, a few people got bumped off and i was practically the 35th or 36th and when 11am came, i was the 38th (due to two missing number cards lol) and the wait was nerve-wracking since only 20 pairs of the AM1’s and AM90’s were being released for reservation. lo and behold, jp got the last AM90 size 10 pair so i had to settle with the AM1, which was still a good cop at SRP at least. so, tomorrow, i’ll be heading over to sole academy to get my kicks and maybe maybe try to get another pair.


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