a year well spent

this is the obligatory new years post, here i try to inspire/share/thank. if you wish to read about it, do so, if you don’t by all means, click that x.

disclaimer: if you don’t want to hear about what i do, why i do it, my philosophy on living, stop, close the page and move on.

today i write about the basic philosophy of my living.

let’s start with my fears. i fear a lot of menial things. i’m afraid of long mathematical analysis questions. i’m afraid of flying cockroaches (the normal ones, no worries. but them flying ones, death from above, my friend.) but other than those, i fear failure the most.

i fear failure more than death.

why is that so? death is inevitable. immortality is but a dream and conjuration of science fiction and fantasy. failure is preventable. success is attainable. we are all capable of succeeding, may it be in work, love, life and everything in between.

what’s different about this though, is that the fear is not paralyzing, but in turn it challenges me. it tells me, “fuck you, you won’t get there.” of course my own pride tells me, “try me, motherfucker.”

it’s that kind of fear that fuels my wanting to exceed my own expectations. it’s that kind of fear that i want to conquer because i know i’m better than that fear.

this is where i ended writing this post which i started writing a few months back. i was supposed to update it every once in a while since it’d be hard to write everything in one go. i ended writing this because there was just too much to say and i couldn’t figure out how i was going to encapsulate every single detail of what i want to say, so now, i’ll leave it as a draft here, for now.

since it’ll be a new year in a few hours, i’ve been seeing so many sentimental posts, and recaps of people’s experiences this year, i’d love to do that, but not to brag, i’ve experienced way too many things this year to recap them and give them any justice, so i’ll leave them to memory and previous posts.

with that said, let me just share my thanks and the lessons i’ve learned.

this year, 2012, was a humongous year. i learned that what i’ve always wanted to do with my life, ever since grade school/high school was not just a lofty ideal. i learned that through hard work, dedication and incessant learning, one can can achieve anything. the possibilities seem so surreal but there is a vision of them in my head and i can really say that, with the right moves, anyone can do what they set their minds to.

i’ve gone through bad clients, great clients, good friends, user “friends”, great exposure, unwelcome exposure, squabbles with co-workers, major dilemmas, work-place drama, loss of love, being burned out, and god knows what other feeling or experience. but all of these, i take, and do not regret.

i learned to sponge up and learn. i have things that i call my personal “philosophies” in life, #1. there is no excuse to look bad. as a designer, photographer, videographer, i see that there are so many good things to see around us, the internet is the primary proprietor for this, with one click, you get the top hit of what’s good, looking around the metro, there are great innovations, so in seeing if what we create isn’t up to par as the others, we need to get inspired and step up as well. #2. in everything i do, there has to be growth. in every team i work with, i have to see growth. even though it isn’t my own growth, i’d be happy to see me do something good for someone else. at least with that, we all give each other something to learn and live by for the next thing to do. #3. let your fear drive you to kill it. the fear of failure can paralyze you and leave you dead in your tracks but that isn’t the only option. that same fear can be the thing that sends you into a go hard as a motherfucker mode and conquer it.

so with these things i take to the next year, i need to thank everyone that made this year (insert superlative adjective here).

first, i say thanks to the higher being there. without this being, i wouldn’t exist, i wouldn’t know what it is to be.

thank you to my family, for always supporting what i do, trusting that i do good, never asking and prying into what i do and believing in what i aim to do. being an “artist” or a fine arts student isn’t exactly what a “normal” parent would like their kids to be. first thing they’d say, “walang para divan. mabubuhay ka ba sa ginagawa mo? papakainin ka ba niyan?” — to those kinds of parents, i hope you become more open to the possibilities there are this new age — to the kids stuck with those parents, do what you can for now, don’t let go of your aspirations, find ways to do what you love.

to the fiamma family, everyone i’ve worked with, i know we’ve all had spats, with different people getting on different peoples’ backs. words have been said, people have been hurt, but it’s all done. i’ve let go of whatever animosity there was and i know people want to let go of it to, so please, in the next year, patch up, we’ve all grown, there is no use harboring disdain. thank you to the promoters, for making sure we have people to entertain, to the DJs, who rocked night in and night out, my co-photographers, you guys know we always have fun, no drama and all love for #teamclingy. it’s been a great run taking photos for more than a year and a half.

++ a lot more people

to the bridge family, for constantly inspiring me, just by being who you guys are. thank you to sarah for trusting me and james to be the wunderkids in the group, despite our being neophytes in the industry. i can still remember that first meeting, when we awkwardly sat while so many things happened, and we’re still learning how to bridge the gap. we’re still figuring things out, we’re still moving, we’re still going to do our thing in 2013. you guys keep me moving.

photoset by jamesbringas.ph

to my motherbasss brothers, nix, macky, james, notti and geoff, we have much to do for next year, scouting the possibilities and learning the ropes but we’ll get there, hopefully. a five year plan it is! let’s continue to rock out and blow motherfucking brains.

bigboy + supermikki + photo by jamesbringas.ph

to the twelfth house fam, maraming mangyayari sa 2013, salamat sa pagtiwala sa amin sa 2012 at susubukan naming gawin lahat ng magagawa namin para sa atin.

to my block mates, we haven’t been hanging out lately but hey, you guys keep me sane in school. one of the reasons i still stay in school lol

to my barkada, no matter how long we don’t see each other, every inuman is a good one. to my best buds in the barkada, kilala niyo kung sino kayo, mahal ko kayo, salamat sa pagtiwala sa akin at sa pagiging mga mabuting kaibigan.

to the nboys, solid tayo. forever magkakapatid, walang iwanan. alam niyo na yun.

to my aiesec family, i’ll always be there, making inappropriate comments, jokes and asars, but know that all of it is done in love. you guys inspire me with the amount of commitment you guys have and the passion you guys have for delivering and always trying to exceed.

to the bluerep family, it’s been great getting to know you guys and hey, great being part of it. thanks for having me do what i can for every prod.

to my aperture eb, it’s been hard for sure pero, wala, kailangan nating kumayod, i know i’ve had my misgivings and my letdowns but i’ll be there for 2013 for sure. let’s make things happen.

to all the people i’ve met, learned from, had small talks, had big talks, had career talks, shared ideas with, created works, with collaborated with, shot, shot with, shot for, took shots with, laughed with and everything in between, salamat.

(sans Bobby, miss you Bob!)

and finally to my 4am hustle family, it’s been barely a year, we have more to go, walang iwanan dito, 5 year plan, we’ll make it big, i promise. we’ll be great at what we do. we’ll learn, we’ll expand, we’ll go through so many things, i’m gonna make sure that we get to where we want. marami tayong pinagdaanan at marami pang pagdadaaanan. hindi ko masasabi ko gaano ko kayo kamahal at gaano ako ka-blessed na kayo and kasama ko dito.

maligayang bagong taon, happy new year, at hello 2013, be ready for me.

p.s. kung may nakalimutan man ako, paumanhin, hindi ko sinasadya, mahirap magsulat ng tuloy-tuloy haha

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