hennessy artistry philippines 2012

hennessy artistry philippines 2012

resorts world manila

october 13, 2012

been a while since this event happened, but i’ve always been waiting to post these photos. i was shooting mostly video for Out of Scratch / Geoff Gonzales alongside James Bringas and Kel Joven but i took the liberty of taking some photos, as well, since it was a pretty dope set-up with amazing local acts with jermaine dupri ending everything that night. + free flowing hennessy? what is work!


it was a long ass day, starting from set-up to, waiting for the acts, to the performances in both stages (Opus and Atrium). what caught my eye (and ear) early on from soundcheck was by far (pun intended) the best club song singer i’ve heard, francheska farr. singing songs like titanium effortlessly while grooving so smoothly to the songs, she was the early winner.


first thing to happen on the main stage was dj joey santos’ set and then the philippine all star’s performance on and off the stage. champ lui pio tan did some newer covers for more popular songs like every teardrop is a waterfall and sweet disposition, robin nievera shredded guitar solos, madz abubakar did almost everything with everyone.



of course, i was absolutely stoked to see up dharma down perform and perform they did. performing a couple of songs they haven’t released prior to the album launch, i was just enamored by the sound again, forgetting that i was shooting sometimes. it was my first time to hear indak and turn it well and when i did, it was a treat to hear a new sound from them. after Up Dharma Down one of the showstealers of the night was SINYMA‘s performance, who i’ve heard and seen before in our Show and Tell at Big Bad Wolf, blowing the minds of the crowd with a genre most have not encountered (or defined). with I-Dren Artstrong and Nyko Maca doing the vocal work, they spruced up the performance with their distinct vocals while Silverfilter and Madz Abubakar provided the sound to jam and groove to. with MC Dash Calzado also bringing his a-game, it was an all out every-genre artistry.


one of my favourite photos from this set (actually ever), so serendipitous to get that catchlight in armi’s eyes, planning to print on wooden canvas




after all the local performers, they had their curtain call with a collaboration of all of them (sans Up Dharma Down) before the last segment. MC Dash hyped up the crowd along with the Philippine All Stars to bring in international DJ/Producer Jermaine Dupri who did his thing on the 1’s and 2’s.


tired/exhausted, we retired to drinking and partaking in the fun of the event.

thank you to Geoff Gonzales for getting us to shoot!

here’s the video shot by us four, edited by Geoff.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/56310967]

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