enjoying the simple things

so for my 21st, instead of having an opulent and extravagant party, i decided to not push through, decided to enjoy the simple things (and plus everyone’s real busy and it’d be hard to plan something without clashing).

so, today, i went to barangay tejeros to help out with the christmas party for the kids in the area. helped out with george, rjay, ryan, marvin, ron henley, franco, pia, love, margaret, cho, chris and justin along with jci manila. helped out with giving out food, and the arts and crafts session while enjoying the company of the kids.

there is just something about those kids smiles and laughs. made my day much better.

anyway, thanks for all the greets, support, well wishes, affirmation and love from everyone. it’s been a great year again, a lot of growth and learning from old friends and new ones as well. now, it’s time for some noche buena fun so, merry christmas everyone and eat to your heart’s content!

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