platform show manila 2012: round 2

a week later, this post was finally published.

so a week ago, the 25th of november, we had the Platform Show Round 2 happen. i was part of the documenting team for The Bridge and the Twelfth House team as well, thus work had to be done. mostly on the go the whole day, moving from merchant to merchant, doing videos, taking photos, say hi’s and bye’s to friends, eating (hehe), selling merch for Twelfth House and basically anything that can be done.

check out some photos after the cut.

why do i do these things? because i believe in the product. to successfully sell something may it be a product, an event, an ideal or anything really, one must be able to believe in what they are promoting and this event is really just one of those things i find myself enamored with. it’s not just a bazaar, it’s a showcase, a highlight of local filipino talent in design, style, clothing and streetstyle with a hint of art and music shown by the homies, migs, aryan, nix & macky for motherbasss, liquid a, and euric, who spun that night and the artists that did their thing on the hype/graffiti runway, chichi’s live art and sassa’s levi’s installation.

other than the overall goodness of the event, being around a community of great and inspiring people just pushes me to do what i can when i can. people like sarah and banj are not common, they aren’t just icons, they’re straight up hardworking people. these things weren’t made for money and profit, these things were made for the love of the game. that’s why i’m everywhere doing these things ’cause one day, i want to be doing that kind of thing.

like i said, passion will pave the way.


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