jeff staple in mnl

10/30/12  was an eventful day for the manila as jeff staple of staple designs, reed space, reed pages,  gave an inspiring talk to the local artists, designers and culture people.

jeff staple at secret fresh, ronac art center

i was so excited to see and hear jeff talk about how he reached his “success”, powered his passion and overcame his failures. i didn’t get to bring a pen and notebook but i ended up remembering a lot. with the numerous tidbits of advice and the occasional comical banter, the talk was a success.

things i learned or agreed to (non-verbatim, just what i remember):

1. life sucks. just keep on doing what makes you happy.

2. the challenge of things being unachievable should fuel your fire. it should entice to overcome difficult endeavors. it should be what moves you to do great.

3. jeff staple is immortal. (3 near death experiences)

4. most businesses will die. patience, a long term goal and a good plan makes a lasting business.

5. we are spoiled by the internet. people might say things are “over-night” successes, but there’s usually a back story that includes hard work, years of keeping on and many failures.

6. hard work. do it, it pays off.

7. there is practically no excuse to produce shitty things.

8. keep yourself inspired. people get mind/artistic blocks because they don’t have things to keep the creative juices flowing.

and many more i bet.

it was so amazing to see a lot of friends engaged during the talk. most of them listening intently, religiously taking down notes, and basically in awe of being in a room with jeff staple. i, myself, studying design, doing photography and videography, was very much into the discourse. the q&a actually was very effective as it got people to actually talk up, ask and be stupid and curious about things they wanna know about. it became a melting pot of ideas, questions, and stories.

thanks ian and banj for having me over to get some learning realness. inspired and ready to keep on keeping on.

thanks to wip caps, status magazine, greyone social, secret fresh, co.lab, and platform for the amazing first platform talk!

[plus some lovely instax photos of nix & sassa, sarah, banj and jeff staple, which he signed!]

photos next:

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