greyone social

if anyone’s gonna talk about street wear in the philippines, they have to mention greyone social.

last week, passing by greenbelt 5, doing some photography work for a corporate client, i passed by greyone social (even though it just closed) to take photos and write a little something something to show some love.

greyone social, being one of the first (if not the first) lifestyle and street wear shop in the philippines, carrying different brands such as Stussy, Obey, Undefeated, Vans, Clae, Crooks & Castles, Dissizit, IMKING, BRXTN, Mishka, Rocksmith, Benny Gold, Civic Duty and recently a local brand, Newspaper Boy Clothing, is a staple to every street style enthusiast in manila.

i first started to know about greyone social years back, when i was in high school when the internet started blowing up. i especially remember seeing online posters for their opening back when rockwell still had that archaeology/lifestyles area in that little obscure spot on the second floor (if i’m not mistaken). i used to scour the catalog and website numerous times, checking out the new shoes and drops (i especially remember the NIKE Blazer releases cause i coveted those damn shoes way too much). and lately since i’ve been working around people in the street and culture industry, i’ve been noticing the styles from yesteryear are still keeping up with the times and throughout that, greyone social has always been there.

the two girls doing their thing for greyone social, rosario herrera (@rosarioherrera) and vicky herrera (@_victoria_h), are quite the personalities. to me these people are some of the few movers and shakers of the industry that i idolize. now that i personally know them, and that i get to talk to them every once in a while with a little chitchat at different events, i get to see where all the culture comes from. with all the passion i hear from them when they talk about what they do, i can see how passion paves the way for them.

so, anyway, check out some of the photos and hit em up!

2/F R2 Wing Greenbelt 5, 1200 Makati

open 11am-9pm

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