change clothes

change clothes @ big bad wolf ph

september 29-30, 2012

after the adidas PH: king of the road run at BGC, decided to bring along Bert Santos (@theyoungnproud) to big bad wolf to check out Vicky Herrera’s (@_Victoria_H) Change Clothes Vintage Clothes sale.

got to catch Rosario Herrera (@rosarioherrera) there with Kaya then checked some of the clothes, which were mostly things i remember from yesteryear sold in the STATUS Yard Sales years back (even saw one of the shirts i used to have). then Sarah Meier-Albano (@sarah_meier) and Banj Albano (@banjbillions) swung by to chat a bit and pick up Kaya. had a chance to talk to Vicky about some work and passion stuff and it was pretty cool having a substantial conversation with her. then Lynn Pinugu (@lynnpinugu) and Barry Ambrosio (@ninjascrawl), both also part of the Change Clothes campaign came by and joined in the conversation, too. after some chitchat and some tilapia chicharon (yes, amazing food in big bad wolf, as usual), spent the rest of the time playing monopoly and the game of life with Vicky, Rosario, Kaya, Bert and Lynn. (And R ended up hustling all of us for our fake money.)

it was a great chill afternoon for a good cause and a good idea to help out the less fortunate kids get quality education without having to break bank.

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