she’s only sixteen ep launch


@ Route 196

September 28, 2012

so finally, after years and years of waiting for this to happen, my buddies Anjo Silvoza (@socksinbuttocks) and Roberto Seña (@Sentastic) now have an EP and music video out for She’s Only Sixteen (@dyingtotweetyou). and it all came to fruition on the fateful day of September 28.

i’ve always been a believer of this band ever since it was False Targets and whatever prototype names they had. originally it was composed of a different core but throughout the years, with different complications and directions in life, the band changed members and grew into what it is today. with oldies but goodies like “Laserlight“, “Why Don’t We Go?” and some hidden tracks about certain people (*ehem* girls of the boys during high school *ehem*), i started loving the band’s sound, which has more euro/brit-alternative-rock type of feel fueled by Seña’s words and singing intonations. think The Strokes, The Vines, Arctic Monkeys. the lyricism isn’t the usual straight to the point type of thing, too. using a lot of un-colloquial terms (sometimes seemingly senseless), the flavor of the tracks become different from tracks we grew up with in the OPM scene. it has a euro rock type of vibe, much like how the Arctic Monkeys’ songs don’t exactly mean what they say, but instead have meanings embedded in them to stimulate the listeners’ minds to actually decipher the wording and idea of the songs.

with a new breed of young filipino artists coming out of their shells, growing into a modern world, She’s Only Sixteen will only get bigger and better.

so cheers to She’s Only Sixteen and here’s to more gigs, more music, more beer and more love for the music scene.

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