complex lifestyle store x corruption ii x creative rec

so, me, James ( & Kel ( headed out to the dirrrttty south last saturday for the corruption paisley snapbacks release and the creative recreation new collection drop in-store event for complex lifestyle store. checkit.

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it was a pretty dope set-up for an in-store event. cleared one display table to put all the pizza from yellow cab (four flavors, shrimp for the win!) and some pg-13 drinks from virgin cola, a dj booth by the changing room so our boy nix damn p can do his thing on the decks, a photobooth-y backdrop and displays of the corruption wip cap along with the current in production set of their snapbacks and fitteds and a whole table full of classy and wonderful creative recreations.


it was good hanging out with barry, mc pao, banj, nix and everyone else while just shooting the shit about sneaks, events, and anything under the sun. thank you to ian, mike, banj, iris and the ladies of creative recreation for having us over.


to end the day i got my own corruption ii snapback and a pair of very dope navy blue and red soled sneakers from creative rec.


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