it all starts with a hi.

a lot of become paralyzed by fear. fear of rejection, fear of awkwardness, fear of everything in between. but when we believe we can, we are powerful. we are capable of making changes, taking stands and doing great things. and sometimes, it all starts with one word, like “hi.”



this particular video, well, i consider it more like a short film, was very taxing. had just one camera to work with, a slider and a tripod. without briefing the actors, i just had to feel the story written by kiko abrillo. by feeling the emotions, i just conveyed the feeling to the actors to give direction. i had to give them vivid descriptions so they could convey the message well. after four hours of shooting three sequences, and more than 80 clips and takes, and a one hour and thirty minute same day edit, this was produced. share it, please, if you like it. all i’m asking is you watch it and let yourself feel the emotions.

thank you to kiko abrillo, ((amp)), jm onglao, trina khio, chris legaspi, janeena chan, alec kierulf, joanna kennedy, daniel lumain, brian barrios and ton sewell.

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