to the future

This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition

today, i just had a meeting with some very interesting people, some i’ve never met before. but during the whole meeting, throwing of ideas and planning of things to come, i knew that the future will be big.

i’m currently an incoming junior at a good university. i’m doing photography and videography as a mean of income. instead of spending my time in summer school to advance some subjects and units, i opted for a riskier yet more rewarding option for my summer. i focused on a career. i set my sights on the future. the future that i envisioned for myself. i dream of an international name as an artist. i knew what i wanted, all i had to do was find the opportunities (which i have been blessed with) and hustle to make the most of my experiences.

in today’s world of work, even the youngins are capable of making a name for themselves. it’s easy enough with all the advances and the hyper reality we live in. with the massive influx of information that the web bombards us through social media we can easily access through our handhelds, blackberries and laptops.

i run a blog, promote the events in the club i work in, hype myself and my production group’s name for gigs and work opportunities and a few more things. i manage to do these with the help of a simple yet integral piece of equipment. cheesy, yes, but my blackberry has become a powerhouse for everything i need to put hype on or connect to clients, friends to stir up some buzz and simply to just keep myself in the know. it pays to be in the know especially in the state of supersaturation of information in the social media we have right now and the career i plan to have.

funny thing is, i’ve lost two blackberries in the past, stolen but i’ve kept true to the blackberry loyalty. and mind you, i just have the basic 8520 curve right now but it’s been doing what it’s meant to do without too much flash and unnecessariness. i email clients, orgmates and friends on my handheld. i post the newest photo sets and video links on my twitter to gain traffic on my works. i update my facebook of where i am and what new adventures are in front of me. i keep in touch with my team with my bbm and bbm groups. it’s as easy as tweeting on your blackberry, “new photo set on manila music festival on” to pimp yourself out to the people who follow you. and hey, especially with how hype is these days, to get viral you need to get your voice out constantly and i manage to do so with my little bb curve warrior.

i find it really amazing how my trusty blackberry keeps me in the loop in my (hopefully) budding career and with friends i love to talk (from here to canada to the states to dubai and wherever else).

it’s funny how a lot of the opportunities i get really just stem from making an online post from my handheld whenever i get an idea. a post like “hmmm. i want to shoot this week,” would actually get me some responses right then and there to keep me occupied and to keep me working. even with just tweeting some thoughts about work and struggles like, “all you gotta do is hustle,” seeing a few retweets and favourites can make your heart a little softer knowing that other people got you or they feel you. it’s really impressive how we can keep connected with others with just a nifty gadget. and just by putting out tidbits of yourself, you reap the benefits of your network.

i may be young but i’m a part of the social media youth. with all the blessings i have right now, i’m hopeful for the future. with all the connections, teams i’ve been part of, collaborations i’ve discovered through just a simple tweet, and just constantly being connected, i think i have the right to hope for the future i want for myself. i see my purpose and i’m gonna get it. having this world view and continuous stream of information in this digital age just tells us that there are limitless possibilities. there are no bounds. we are all innovators.

so far, i’m happy with what i’ve achieved. but in no way am i done.

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