manila music festival

may 1, 2012

the first ever manila music festival was held in alphaland bay city grounds.

it had a young line up that had some notable names from the roots of hiphop and dj-ing. it was a pretty sweet set-up, too. with two stages, the main stage for the bands and main acts and the red bull stage for the DJs. it was set-up like coachella with the stages having simultaneous performances so the festival goers had the freedom to pick what they listen to.

of course, since it was a young event, a new and fresh idea brewed by mostly youth, they had some hitches. first thing was that the drinks were massively overpriced. a small bottle of water cost php100 while a cup of beer is also the same. a bottle of redbull would be php200 and the cocktails ranged from php200-400, which was too expensive to get drunk on. second, there wasn’t anything that told the festival goers that they weren’t allowed to exit and re-enter so this became a problem for those who had plans and wanted to get out to catch a breath/eat/drink until later in the night when the security was more lenient. third, the VIP area was practically empty except for the big groups of celebrities and personalities since it was a tad too expensive to procure the spots there. fourth, the line-up was still raw, it had a lot of talent to showcase but then again, it’s not as big as a festival should be. fifth, the concessionaires were too limited, given the kesong puti stand, the taco mobile, the rice meal/pasta catering place, the dirty ice cream and their expensive watering hole, it didn’t really offer much. we actually wished it was more mercato-like or banchetto-like so all the kids with the munchies or are just crazily hungry could have a food fiesta.

but all in all, it was a great event. young but has a lot of potential. if i didn’t believe it was something good, i wouldn’t have stayed for 12 hours enjoying it practically end-to-end. next year, i hope, it’ll be a giant massive event with noteworthy acts from different walks of life or even different countries and cultures. i hope they pick up on the criticism they receive and do something positive about it.

honestly, i’d love to see a skatepark in the middle of it. or a food festival type of thing at the back. or an inexpensive bar or even free. or a bazaar of hipsterfied artful things.

anyway, so here’s some choice photos from our stay in Manila Music Festival (without a media pass). HAHA. well, no media pass? no problem! still take good photos & videos with what you have. maybe next year we’ll be covering it. who knows!

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