impurities set 1


Day One

This is Sarah Buendia.


Day Two

This is Andy Europa.


Day Two

This is Dianne Santos.


Sarah Buendia is fresh graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University BFA Creative Writing program. She enjoys spazzing out to alternative, indie and different sorts of sounds. She wastes her time writing, drawing, and other explicit things that we cannot disclose. She’s currently looking for a job to avoid the post-college unemployment so she can get big bucks to sell out. Just kidding. We just all need money. Can’t be a starving artist.


Andy Europa, birthed as Normandy, is an incoming junior in BFA Information Design. He is into quirky random things that range from photography to an obsession with colorful items to kpop to cupcakes. He spends his time around Katipunan, always looking for something to do. He does not put a price tag on good times and good times will always roll.


Dianne Santos is a pocket rocket of interesting facets. She immerses herself in music, photography, art, design, theatre and basically anything that gives her a thrill. Earning her scars from improperly bailing from a longboard and many other things, she’s experienced quite a few interesting things during her college life. She’s somewhat of a free spirit, ready for whatever adventures that may present themselves to her.

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