impurities intro

i’ve decided that i’ll start posting photos of portraits of people. portraits that show a grittier treatment to the photo to highlight the details, impurities and imperfections. i think that it’s in these that we see some character. there’s more story to it. to from what those eyebags were for, to the scars that came from a certain something or a choice of expression depending on their natural demeanor. without any make up or anything, just a raw natural expression.

so, i’ll start with mine.

hi, i’m DJ Fabian.

i’m currently taking bfa information design at ateneo de manila university. i immerse myself in the arts and culture through festivals, events and different gigs. i do photos, videos and a little bit of design. i aspire for a name for myself.

starting next week, i’ll be posting more of these. hopefully one big entry with one photo set to be updated per day, at least.

hopefully this will continue on, even past may 15.

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