platform show manila


Ronac Art Center


Hosted by Sarah Meier & Banj Albano

bought a few things, a shirt from sole city, gift shirt from redhunt, and a bag from elevate.

the atmosphere was amazing and the music was eargasmic. just being around creative people, especially the young men and women with their statement brands and pieces was quite the experience. knowing that the youth in cooperation with visionaries are capable of creating an event brimming with creativity and passion, i feel inspired.

the event held true to its tagline of UNITE and CONQUER. by uniting these brands, names, artists, designers and everyone in between, we made a statement that we are all capable of tapping our potentials and molding our visions into realities.

i felt inspired by all the creative minds and hardworking hands that contributed to this event. if they could do what they want, and in style nonetheless, where does the limit lie?

it’s time to create. it’s time to fuel your passions. take life by the balls and make it scream uncle. ball’s in your court.

watch out for the recap video i’ll be posting within the next few days.

don’t forget to check out brother / co-blogger james’ set, too.

with the mastermind of this whole thing, Banj Albano

with Katsycate, DJ extraordinaire and professional nyancat

with Sarah Meier-Albano and DJ Nix Damn P, two favourites and idols from the local scene

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