stereo static swag: banj billions’ birthday bash

last saturday, we had a quality crowd with banj albano aka banj billions celebrating his birthday at stereo static saturdays. we also had a former la based dj, nix damn p who rocked it out with his legit gear and legit skills.

good crowd and good times. photos up!

alex santos and janelle olafson

dj nix damn p and toons canoy

banj albano and mikko abello

sarah meier-albano and company

toons canoy, marquis misa and bobby maddatu doing seduction

mikko abello and rosario herrera

am mercado, marquis misa and bea rodriguez

verniece enciso

valerie rivera

i swear, sarah meier is so awesome

paulo achacoso and sarah meier

nix damn p

jazz zamora and james bringas

bea rodriguez, sarah meier-albano and kara canoy

gaby herbosa and hannah tan

sarah meier-albano, banj albano, rosario herrera and mikko abello

next entry, fiamma x request!

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