fiamma fresh x stereo static: takes over boracay ii

after working the whole of friday for fiamma fresh fridays and saturday for sunscream sessions and stereo static saturday, we had sunday to ourselves. we ended up chilling and making the most out of our bora stay.

[cover photo by james bringas editing by dj fabian]

started off the day having breakfast at jonah’s with bobby and katsy. i got myself a fix of their army navy sandwich, which i dubbed as french toast on steroids with ham and egg. then went to i love backyard barbeque at d’mall. had some of roseanne’s bulalo steak and jazz’ wings. after that, walked back, chilled back at spirals, took photos for our own STATUS Go See and then lounge at ariel’s house. after some drinks and swimming, we had a hearty dinner at obama grill. we had so much food that we didn’t even finish it! after stuffing ourselves full, we rested back at spirals, watched some magandang gabi bayan halloween special and then headed out to EPIC for the republiq event.

bulalo steak at i love backyard bbq

our own STATUS Magazine Go See

ravenna sevilla

boss carlo trillo and mikko abello

athina cayaba

trixie ledonio

ina yulo

mikko abello, ina yulo, katsy lee

marquis misa, cheska fernandez

lia barte, gaby herbosa

lia barte, ma cabanas, gaby herbosa

cartoons canoy's manyak face + got beer

fiamma family dinner at obama grill

at EPIC, Boracay

what a face, bobby

what a face, jazz (see:

what a face, mikko

toons canoy going to work

ran into sandro daez for the win

cool new friends we met in boracay, hi trixie and athina!

that caps off the fiamma boracay trip! next up, sinulog, maybe?

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