freshest kids on the block: fiamma halloween twin party @ manila


we had the carlo, senior promoters, dj v cab, dj toons and james on camera over in boracay while the newer promoters, dj pao, dj bobby, dj jazz and me on camera in manila partying up simultaneously.

we had so many people come in costume and we didn’t expect it to be that EPIC. so many people going all out with their costumes and their efforts weren’t in vain as we gave away gcs for hellolulu.

so many beautiful, awesome and hot people around for that night. full house and we managed to keep it awesome.


[right click “view image” for bigger photo]

tonio del rosario trollin’

party rock in the house!

marquis misa, kara canoy, bea rodriguez, cheska fernandez

dj pao abrihan

dj katsy lee and dj pao abrihan

gay stephen narciso haha



stunning rr enriquez and jelo bernas

steph ycasiano and erika oyales

vampire juancho misa

erika locker

zombie bride margie villamor

justine dinglasan, zita magalona, kim encarnacion

bow cua and raissa tee


gisella velasco, sarah uy, issa uyking and company

gisella velasco

…angry bird

katsy lee and bobby maddatu

thea de rivera and friends

erika locker and margie villamor

cheska fernandez and marquis misa

monnik togle and company

arezo halabisaz and company

manny p

suns gorilla

mariel tiu and jermaine lim

mcdo delivery dude

matt que and kally araneta

josef elizalde

beautiful rr enriquez

harry potter, party rock’s box head, steve jobs

zorro, thea de rivera and trish zamora

nyan katsy lee

ironwoman & ironman carissa vicencio and paulo achacoso

mexicano apollo lara


venica jose and mosh reyes

patrice averilla and yours truly

the average joes from dodgeball

janelle olafson munching on some pesto pizza

steph ycasiano and monnik togle

trinca diploma

us with our big china baby cath huang

swag dan torres

next post will be about our time at boracay fiamma!

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