fiamma fresh x stereo static: takes over boracay i

right after fiamma fresh fridays’ halloween party in manila, some of the team caught a flight to boracay the morning after to join some of the hosts and djs who took over boracay for friday.

we had our fiamma sunscream sessions at ariel’s house beach front. had good vibes, beer, chori burgers, and some absolut from fiamma. at night, we had our stereo static saturdays at ariel’s house at back.

[cover photo by james bringas edited by dj fabian]

absolut taken from fiamma mnl

lia barte & ravenna sevilla

cartoons canoy getting his fix

jazz zamora getting his drink on

marquis misa, cheska fernandez, ja bernabe, toons canoy, james bringas

roseanne real, marquis misa, ja bernabe

dj vince cabrera on deck

one hand pull up shots by joshua webb

hola marquis!

bobby maddatu and toons canoy gaying up the place

dj katsy lee

janna tee and company

bubbles paraiso and carlo trillo

dj euric lumanog on deck

ma cabanas

dj euric and maxene magalona

dj euric and maxene magalona

katsy lee, jazz zamora, james bringas, gaby herbosa, vince cabrera, dj fabian and roseanne real

next post’s gonna be about the sunday at boracay!

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