aiesec day #aiesecday

last friday, august 5, 2011 was aiesec day! saw aiesecers wearing their aiesec shirts to school and snapped photos of em!

hey aiesec! say what!

carlo gonzales

dj fabian and kat sanchez

jerene cantos and keena campos

dj fabian and keena campos

joanna kennedy

migo oabel, ryan nicolas, tj godiaco, ricardo santillan, keena campos, georgia macapagal and dominic santiago

keena campos, kat sanchez and inna villa

blushing christian go

keena campos

tj godiaco

georgia macapagal

migo, dj, tj, keena, georgia and dominic (ryan nicolas the cool guy jumping)

"i know good branding!" - inna villa

LCP kathleen kho

ann dumaliang and kat sanchez

ann dumaliang and dj fabian

will post photos of the ALDS soon.

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