meiday! heyday! streetparty!

i dropped by cubao x for some chill vibes on a friday afternoon / early night. it was meiday! heyday! streetparty! i didn’t get to stay long to catch the bands but hey it was good company and good vibes, so why not?

went to cubao x around 530 with sarah buendia and burned time at mogwai while exchanging recent stories and shit while downing a few beers and a new friend / sister of old friend, ellie centeno came by to join our cul de sac in mogwai. gino tuazon then came and so did kean reformado to complete our little ragtag group of artsy fartsy tards.

beer & good vibes

ellie x sarah

free ukay

local tumblr princess saab magalona

eagerly waiting for our turn to scavenge

hola ellie


shout out

next time, i’ll be staying the whole time to enjoy a meiday event. til the next one.

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