after a tiring week plagued with stress, fatigue and torrential rain and a more tiring night at fiamma, i woke to a beautiful morning with the clouds finally clearing up and a free day ahead.

ended up watching Super 8(2011)  in eastwood, but sadly, we didn’t get to finish it cause something went wrong with the cinemas in the old eastwood mall. movie got cut 3/4 of the way when it was about to climax and we got our refund.

"anyare moment" waiting for what to do when the movie got cut

ended up visiting the weekend food commissary in the new eastwood mall and pigged out with samples and other delectable things we could devour.

this must be sent from heaven: custard cake with leche flan on top

thank god for free (big chunk) samples

another godsend i think i'll come back for next weekend

amazing gourmet local fish which i think i'll buy, too

after sampling the wide array of food, we headed off to dencio’s for some real food. since Steph’s pescatarian, we had the bangus sisig and calamares. happy campers.

went back to new mall after and met up with paolo carlos aka carly and hung out with the bastard.

and then we had us our fix of happy lemon. wooooo. got the usual oreo milk tea with rock salt and cheese while steph got the classic milk tea.

acted like kids and played a little in timezone and then went off back home to get some rest and sleep.

good weekend.

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