orsem ’11: lipad

mob, freshies, mob!

it ain’t about the, uh! ka-ching ka-ching! it ain’t about the, yeah! ba-bling ba-bling!


this summer, i volunteered to part of the secmob (security&mobilization) logistics committee after missing my chance to be part of tnt (talks&tours) which turned out to be quite the blessing in disguise. besides filming for the orsem film and coa film, this was another way for me to be involved in this year’s freshman orientation seminar.

i spent the days of june 9, 10, and 11 tiring myself endlessly with running, screaming, fetching, waking up extra early for the 6am call time and doing all the custodial duties of a log volunteer whilst attending to other duties such as hosting the SOH freshmen’s night: SOHlympus with Rica Facundo (Thursday night) and being the photographer at Fiamma Fresh Fridays til the wee hours of the morning (Friday night til the morning of Saturday). took painkillers like tictacs, but it was all good!

i handled the bs/ms computer science block (NN) with migo oabel as my co-log and arjo mejilla as our tnt which was very opportune since we were all nboys. the block i handled was very amiable and easy to handle and they made the whole experience worth it. didn’t have trouble keeping them together or needing to exert too much effort. other than that i had my friends to keep things light and lively during down time. we had our little log family of kayla torres, justin asinas, iona mapa, janice apolinario, janella pua, ale dizon, cath huang, miggy garcia, alex alcaraz and stel bernardo.

other than having an amazing log stint, we had the traditional ‘log vs. tnt basaan’ which we had right after o night inside the covered courts. both sides, and other volunteers as well, stocked up on armaments and secret weapons to use against each other in the friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly motives of soaking each other by any means necessary. some brought the usual ice bags filled with water, water balloons and dippers/tubs. but then people got creative by making water bottle guns by piercing the cap with the wire fence, buying condoms for maximum damage, bringing ice buckets, borrowing large watering cans and even bringing a firetruck, yes, alwyn chua brought a firetruck even though we weren’t able to use it.

over-all, it was amazingly fun. if you didn’t appreciate orsem, go fuck yourself. just kidding. try out volunteering next year, i bet you’ll be coming back for the years to come. it’ll be worth it and fulfilling, i tell you.

i’m a believer. see you soon batch 2012-2016. orsem 2012, we’ll be ready.

thanks to our bosses alwyn chua, bea tan, vien lenox, ginno belmonte, angel murga and jb capinpin!

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