orsem film 2011: scott pilgrim santos vs. the world

this year’s OrSem Film was patterned after Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World with a few references to Black Swan, Angry Birds, Inception (cut scene, watch in ending), (500) Days of Summer and the usual Ateneo de Manila Stereotypes: JSEC Man, Artman, Over-achievers & the ‘Perfect Atenean’.

Original Basis. Must watch if you haven't seen it yet!

by far, this has been the most visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing ofilm i’ve watched. amazing cinematography, editing and effects. good job Loyola Film Circle! hope to be part of it again next year!

Directors: Gabby Quimel, Gabriel Gatbonton

Crew: Cheen Rivera, Miguel Gutierrez, Bianca Francisco, Felyne Siao, Tonio del Rosario, Jio Igual, Paolo Abad and the rest of LFC


Bibo Reyes as Scott Pilgrim Santos

Gabriela Pangilinan as Ramona Plowers

Anton Puno as Wallace Tingting

DJ Fabian as Stephen Speaks

Melanie Lim as Kim Tutero

Gabe Barrios as Jays Eckerman (JSEC Man)

Topher Alelis as Arthur Manalo (Art Man)

Camille & Cecille Dayrit as Camilla and Cameron Balmaceda (CamBal Twins)

Raynard Yu as Chris Tsoo (Iglesia ni Chris Tsoo)

watch the previous OrSem Films, too!

OrSem 2009: Twilight

OrSem 2010: Plants vs Zombies

I played this guy:

Thanks to LFC for casting me as Stephen Speaks and giving me an awesome first acting gig!

3 responses to “orsem film 2011: scott pilgrim santos vs. the world

  1. I totally agree that this is the best one so far! I may be biased towards the adaptation of 500 Days of Summer but really, this was a really good o-film! I really loved the way the concepts worked so well together. And the JGSOM JOKE shit I died. And Jays Eckerman. Good job on this Deej!

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