surf sand sun: hang loose la union

spent the last weekend on the beach in san juan, la union for some surf, sand and sun. it was the second to the last weekend before sophomore year starts and i wouldn’t have spent it any other way. a perfect weekend.

so, we stayed at a quaint place called little surfmaid. it was the resort on the tip of san juan and we stayed there from friday night til sunday afternoon.

the place had a nice view of the ocean but if you wanted to surf and swim, you’d have to walk a little bit further down the beach to avoid the rocky shore but it was alright considering that the staff and surf instructors in our accomodation were  very hospitable and approachable.

we had dinner in a diner looking place along the way called midway grill and restaurant then got to the resort late so we decided to have a few drinks and call it a night.

the next day, walked around the beach, swam, surfed and watched the sunset. affordable surfing for four hundred bucks for an hour!

see ‘i dunno lol dog

famished after surfing, we had dinner in kahuna restaurant in the neighboring resort.
had quesadillas, mashed potatoes and blue marlin.

then went to seanymph for some live music by some locals playing opm, reggae and beach vibes music while enjoying beers and mangoes.
then this girl started bringing out paint for people to paint on their tables so we joined in on the fun and let our artsiness flow right on through.

after a few more beers and more people coming around, one of the wasted people in another group of tourists was carried onto the grassy part in front of the tiki torches and after a second he stood up, took out his poi chains and lit em up. surprised at the happenstance that we caught an awesome drunken stupor featuring fire dancing to techno, synth and beach music then provided by a foreign dj who was on hand.

the next morning, we had brunch at the san juan surf resort, which was quite disappointing since the service was absolutely horrendous with their waitressess being all snobby and inconsiderate to their patrons. imagine a restaurant without house water, half their menu, waitressess who didn’t give you what you needed unless you asked and gave you a menacing scowl when you’d ask anything about their dishes.

anyway, after a short siesta, we then had a bottle of asti while stuffing ourselves with expensive cookies, chips and whatever things we brought to the resort.

since the allure of the beach was too much, we opted for a late check out to catch some more sun while steph surfed more since she was the one who still had much gusto and energy to do it while i was the slothy one lazing on the beach.

after everything, we had to leave the chill life and go back to manila. long seven hour trip going and another seven hours back. but it was all worth it.

/homebase:  1:27am, Monday, June 6, 2011

words do no justice to how this weekend was. all you need to know is that it was nothing short of perfect.

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