document real life

“how do you document real life if real life’s getting more like fiction each day?”

we take photos.

[notice how we all took each other’s photos HAHA]

featuring Nikki Ruiz and Jessie Roasa, my two co-photographers at Fiamma Fresh Fridays. besides our friday gigs at fiamma, we take photography seriously, too. they’ve had numerous photoshoots and entries with their creations and captured moments and i admire their eye for aesthetics.

let’s get to know these folks.


I’m Nicole Ruiz, an aspiring artist who lives by the classic quote “Mind Over Matter”. Music, sports and arts draw me into becoming a distinct individual. People usually call me “nikkiru” or “nikkimi” and I’m a college sophomore from the DLS-CSB School of Design & Arts taking up a bachelor degree in Photography.

[How’d you get your gig at Fiamma?]

A friend asked me if I was interested to cover for Fiamma and I immediately said I was up for it.

[How did you get into photography?]

I grew up to acknowledge that arts has been a huge influence in our family. My uncle’s a famous national painter, my dad draws well and my brother’s a graphic designer. I, on the other hand grew to have a frustration over arts because I never learned how to draw. Basically grew to believe all along that I was artistically hopeless. However, all of those frustrations turned into inspiration when I got the chance to hold our family’s first digital SLR when I was in 7th grade. At that right moment, I just knew that I had to deal with this obsession of mine and put it into action.

[What do you consider ‘aesthetically pleasing’?]

Artists have different perspectives when it comes to dealing with their own art and others. As an artist, I’ve come to appreciate art in all sorts of manner.

My mentor once told me that as a photographer, one must believe that it’s not the camera nor the lenses you will use, but the way you develop your eye. For one to truly maximize the use of its gears, one must truly first master the use of its eye. I consider a photograph nice when it doesn’t need too much post processing or no post processing at all. Mastering the use of your craft and producing it with confidence for me defines what ‘aesthetically pleasing’ means.

[Other hobbies or timewasters?]

When I don’t shoot or browse photos, I most of the time use my laptop or phone to search the net. Social networking is a must, blogging’s comes in second line but most of all, I make it a point to read something may it be a book, an article or a conversation.

[Ten years from now, what would your life be like?]

I want to see myself as professional photographer who lives life as if she’s not working.

[If you weren’t taking photos or making art, what would you be doing?]

If I didn’t pursue photography, I would most probably be an athlete or a musician.

[One thing you live by?]

Word of honor is one thing I value the most in life.



My name is Jessie Roasa and I hail from the Ateneo de Manila U. I like talking, computers and bossing people around. In short (or long?), my course is BS Communications Technology Management.

[How’d you get your gig at Fiamma?]

I got my gig at Fiamma through one of my high school friends. She works as a Junior Promoter there. She told me that they wanted more epic photos of Fresh Fridays and it seems that my reputation precedes me in terms of party shots.

[Most memorable experience taking photos?]

There was this one time, some kid bumped into me. I turned to yell at him but he just bolted out the door. He smelled of puke. It was gross.

[Describe your style.]

I am the girl who shakes her camera.

[Other things that keep you occupied other than being a photographer?]

The internet, my drawing materials, friends&food (yes they go together) and Dragon Age.

[Ten years from now, what would you be doing?]

I’ll most likely be managing my own Photography Company/Studio. That’s the dream.

[Artistic influences?]


[One thing you live by?]

When life gives you lemons, show life who’s boss and shove the lemons up its ass.



I’m a nineteen year old bum taking Bachelor in Fine Arts Information Design in Ateneo de Manila. I dream of become a famous artist living in New York, living the jet set life even though my willpower can only do so much. I can be found wandering the street and backstreets of Katipunan, in search for food and inspiration. Talentless and penniless.

[How’d you get your gig at Fiamma?]

A friend of mine, Gaby Herbosa asked if i wanted to try taking photos for FFF one night and after that it was all history.

[What kind of art forms are you into?]

I’m into a few things, mainly design and photography. Just need to learn more about InDesign, Illustrator and Flash to get me into more things. Will ge there soon, but photography has and will always be a fundamental favourite for me.

[What’s aesthetics in photography for you?]

Good composition. I place much value in the eye for aesthetics more than hard line fundamentals. If a photo is composed well that it does not need any editing or processing, I’d consider that aesthetically pleasing.

[What keeps you occupied?]

Friends, food, roadtrips, going out, pigging out, trying new things and the occassional tv series (currently following more than 25 tv shows] and movie marathons.

[Ten years from now, what will you be up to?]

Taking photos in my own studio, under my flat in Manhattan, having models come over for headshots and profiles while my beautiful wife/girlfriend will be living her New York dream, too. And after, we’ll watch a few broadway shows and laze in Central Park under the stars in the winter.

[Memorable moment in Fiamma?]

Having fun with the bartenders, getting free drinks and taking shots with them during Royalty.

[One thing you live by.]

We live for the nights we can’t remember and friends we’ll never forget.






4 responses to “document real life

  1. Came across your blog through one of Carlo’s FB posts.
    Nice to see photos from the new photogs

    I used to work at Fiamma some time 2008 ;) Cheers

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