on funeral wreaths and the apocalypse.

with all this talk about the impending expiration of this little planet of ours due to the biblical apocalypse called the rapture and the recent passing away of one of my ninongs (godfather), i remembered my pseudo-last will and testament i wrote years ago while thinking about the morbidity of death and passing. no, it was not a dark time, it was just idle time and something funny to keep around under my messy desk drawer that made me do it.

my last will and testament didn’t have much in them but here are some things i’d probably appreciate when i’ve croaked and gone to whichever afterlife actually exists or does not.

my wake will be in gesu. yes, i’m a hardcore atenean and i’ve spent most of my years here and i’ve always found this church to be one of great visual aesthetics.

i want certain people to talk for my eugooglizer, i mean eulogy. i’ve chosen my best friends, my sister, and a few close friends to say things about me. one rule would be to actually say something important; i don’t want sugar coated things said about me. come on, i’ll be dead by then so say what you want. HAHA. (the only way to know who is actually on this list would be to steal or take the paper in my drawer.)

i’ve put most of the things i have passwords to online so you can expunge the internet of my old useless crap. what use is that for the afterlife, anyway? think they got broadband speed up to 1tb/s? if they do, don’t delete em. HAHA.

no one should wear black to my wake or my funeral. i’d prefer if people wore white or blue instead. i don’t want the gloominess and negativity of the colour, or lack of colour of black ruining the celebration of life.

i want certain people to sing songs during the mass. hi mitzie lao, arielle juanito, aldo atienza, tonio arellano, ally javier and steph ycasiano. yes you, and maybe a few more people will be the choir singing to my deceased body. HAHA.

RENT’s I’ll Cover You (Reprise) – this is one song that MUST be sung before my body becomes eaten by worms, maggots and other microbacterias in the soil. + Seasons of Love would be nice, as well

Eraserhead’s With A Smile – one of my most favourite songs ever since i was younger.

there should be an afterparty with lots of people getting drunk the night after i’m buried care of whatever money i might leave behind. HAHAHA. celebrate ’til i’m dead and even until after. show me the party i would’ve wanted to experience. copious amounts alcohol and party favours. HAHA.

anyway, this has been a very, uhh… morbid first actual entry full of random thoughts. don’t mind this! it’s just one of those late nights/mornings spent typing whatever comes to mind.

next up, an update of what i’ve been up to this summer!

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